torsdag 22 september 2011

Böcker jag vill läsa (6)

Okej, det har blivit många böcker jag vill läsa, på senaste tiden. Men det finns så mycket jag vill läsa just nu, och måste verkligen skynda på med min läsning om jag ska hinna med allt jag vill. Om jag inte visste att jag fyller år om mindre än en månad skulle jag antagligen köpa alla dessa underbara böcker med det samma. Men som mitt lugna och sansade (host) jag, så håller jag tillbaka och sitter istället nu under historia lektionen och drömmer.

Cheerleader Isobel Lanley is horrified when she is paired with Varen Nethers for an English project, which is due—so unfair—on the day of the rival game. Cold and aloof, sardonic and sharp-tongued, Varen makes it clear he’d rather not have anything to do with her either. But when Isobel discovers strange writing in his journal, she can’t help but give this enigmatic boy with the piercing eyes another look.

Soon, Isobel finds herself making excuses to be with Varen. Steadily pulled away from her friends and her possessive boyfriend, Isobel ventures deeper and deeper into the dream world Varen has created through the pages of his notebook, a realm where the terrifying stories of Edgar Allan Poe come to life.

As her world begins to unravel around her, Isobel discovers that dreams, like words, hold more power than she ever imagined, and that the most frightening realities are those of the mind. Now she must find a way to reach Varen before he is consumed by the shadows of his own nightmares.

Once a century, one person is chosen for greatness.

Elisa is the chosen one.

But she is also the younger of two princesses, the one who has never done anything remarkable. She can’t see how she ever will.

Now, on her sixteenth birthday, she has become the secret wife of a handsome and worldly king—a king whose country is in turmoil. A king who needs the chosen one, not a failure of a princess.

And he’s not the only one who needs her. Savage enemies seething with dark magic are hunting her. A daring, determined revolutionary thinks she could be his people’s savior. And he looks at her in a way that no man has ever looked at her before. Soon it is not just her life, but her very heart that is at stake.

Elisa could be everything to those who need her most. If the prophecy is fulfilled. If she finds the power deep within herself. If she doesn’t die young.

Most of the chosen do.
A hidden truth.
Mortal enemies.
Doomed love.
Marked as special at an early age, Jacinda knows her every move is watched. But she longs for freedom to make her own choices. When she breaks the most sacred tenet among her kind, she nearly pays with her life. Until a beautiful stranger saves her. A stranger who was sent to hunt those like her. For Jacinda is a draki—a descendant of dragons whose greatest defense is her secret ability to shift into human form.
Forced to flee into the mortal world with her family, Jacinda struggles to adapt to her new surroundings. The only bright light is Will. Gorgeous, elusive Will who stirs her inner draki to life. Although she is irresistibly drawn to him, Jacinda knows Will's dark secret: He and his family are hunters. She should avoid him at all costs. But her inner draki is slowly slipping away—if it dies she will be left as a human forever. She'll do anything to prevent that. Even if it means getting closer to her most dangerous enemy.
Mythical powers and breathtaking romance ignite in this story of a girl who defies all expectations and whose love crosses an ancient divide.

The Girl of Fire and Thorns är nog den jag är mest nyfiken på, och dess omslag är ju otroligt snyggt; det känns sådär fantasy aktigt. Sedan har vi Nevermore som jag är lite osäker på men ändå vill ge en chans. Och sist men minst Firelight. Den har jag också varit lite osäker på, men hallå, den handlar om människor som kan förvandla sig till drakar. Som den draknörd jag är så måste man ju älska det, haha.

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  1. Sv; Fint! Håll utkik på min blogg, så kommer det snart mer info! :)

    Trevlig helg! :)

  2. Nevermore är otrolig! Firelight började jag nyss på och den verkar däremot inte vara särskilt bra.

  3. The Girl of Fire and Thorns är jag jättesugen på också. Firelight har jag hemma men inte hunnit läsa än.